About Us

Fx Mind Builders was initially launched with a unique vision to provide unparalleled, quality and superior trading service. We give you clarity, simplicity, and transparency. Your priorities are our priorities. We understand what a new Forex trader feels. The excitement and drive, and if there’s anything you need help with, we are on hands to assist you straight away. We work every trading sessions to make your trading lives easier and to offer you a unique trading experience. We do care. We genuinely enjoy helping people. If you want to take your skills and income to the next level. You’re at the right place with Fx Mind Builders to fulfill those dreams and make them a reality. Let’s build something great. Our team analyst are always there to guide and assist our members to inspire them to reach their full potential. We value and respect our members and view them as our most important asset, our present, and our future. Each members contribution is invaluable because at Fx Mind Builders we believe that collective decision making is the key to success. Our company stands for trust, respect, integrity, innovation, and progress. Remember, Your Trading Success Is Our Priority.

Your trading success is our Priority

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide traders around the globe with exceptional trading serene and empower them to reach their full potential. We provide a fair, professional service along with well-timed precise analysis and support that will enhance our clients trading experience. Knowledge is power, and empowering traders to get the best value for their investments is our passion.

Our Vision

To maintain a customer-centric organization that provides retail and institutional investors with proficient access to the international financial markets, delivered through a focused strategy that emphasizes pricing, customer service, and innovation. Built by traders for traders. You’re at the Heart of what we do. We will broaden our core business by continuously enhancing our services.

Why Should You Choose Us

We have services with superior quality and favorable pricings.

Utmost Signal accuracy

With over 90% win rate monthly, we booked our place as one of the best signal providers in the Forex market.

We have services with superior quality and favorable pricings.

Money and Risk Management

This being the key to survival in the Forex market. Our group of analyst provides precise Lot size, and risk Management advise to suit any account size in the Forex market

Market analysis

Our team of expert analyst provides chart forecast analysis to members for educational and trading purposes.

Mentor-ship and expert advise

We provide mentor-ship to our members about what they should expect, trading the Forex market and how to be successful in the Forex world for free.


We organise webinar to pinpoint and tackle challenges most traders face in the forex world.

Expert support

Our online support are always available 24/7 to assist members with questions about the Forex market.

Our Skill

Fx Mind Builders has become a gateway to the Forex market for millions of traders worldwide. We want to help and see you’ll succeed with a team of experts who really care and focus on detailed results… No BS, no hype signals! We promise if you are on the fence you will not regret working with us!

Planing & Creativity
Tenacity and Ethics

Why Should You Choose Us

We have services with superior quality and favorable pricings.

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Our signal accuracy
1000 +
Pips earned
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